Tree Care

  • Winter Programs
  • Probiotics
  • Fertilizers
  • Planting
  • Pruning
  • Removals

Winter Programs

We provide a number of services throughout the cold months. Just because most trees are dormant does not mean they can forgo maintenance. You can request a tech visit to have one of our team come to your home and give you an assessment of your trees. A proposal will then be sent to you before any work is done.

The Winterizer Program – Usually starts in January to aid your broadleaf evergreen shrubs that suffer from dehydration as a result of cold winds. Our sealant will help encase moisture in the leaves and keep needed water inside the plant until spring. Can be performed a number of times as necessary. This is usually seen as a favorable solution to wrapping shrubs in burlap.

Watch our video on other services we can perform in winter.


Applied to soil, stems, twigs, and foliage, the beneficial microbes in our vermicompost provide fertility and protection from pathogens. This program generally has three applications dispersed over the spring, summer, and fall months.


Bransfield Tree has a number of fertilization options. With a blend of humates, kelp, soy, nitrogen and other minerals, our organic solution provides an environment for improved vigor and stress tolerance, rich and healthy appearance. Can be applied to the plant in a number of ways (through the soil, directly into the trunk, etc) depending on situational analysis.

Successful Planting & Transplanting

scanThere’s nothing better than seeing a tree that was previously at-risk and then watching it thrive a year
later. We look at every aspect of what a tree needs to do well when planted in a new location. Whether it is sun exposure, root space, or room to grow, Bransfield Tree can boast many successful plantings.



Pruning is crucial for maintaining shape and controlling growth. We provide this service throughout the year. In fact, pruning in winter is favorable since trees are dormant. Bransfield Tree will top pines, shape hedges, thin canopies, and provide clearance for your home and yard.


When a tree become a safety hazard or needs to make way for new structures, we can fit our crew into small spaces where cranes cannot venture. A medium-size tree can take a morning to remove and clean up after.


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