powdery mildew on lilac

Treating Plant Disease


dog-853818_1280Our goal is to preserve your trees, shrubs, and lawn from destructive diseases without exposing you, your loved ones, or pets to toxins.

Many of us at Bransfield Tree have small children and pets and understand the need for family safety. The overriding principal is always: “Would I apply this at my home?”

Effective use of non-toxic and the least toxic control materials requires professional expertise and precise application.

Achieving vibrant health for the plants of your landscape requires awareness of all the factors that affect them: including soil health, proper installation, construction damage, or pest damage. Proper diagnosis is key. For more information on specific plant health issues and how we treat them, contact us.

Commonly encountered diseases in our area:

Cedar-Apple Rust
Dogwood Anthracnose
Black Knot (Cherry)
Sooty Mold
Powdery Mildew
Fire Blight
Verticillium Wilt
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Scorch Leaf


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